The Darlow Family plus some, There are 8 of us so far

Walking to get fit and for health reasons. We are a family aiming for weight loss and fitness. We have started to plan some walks to raise money and gain fitness. This is where we can share our adventures and get some inspiration to continue our journey. 

Team -

Are we there yet?

Our First family walk will be in February 2020. We will be walking In London taking part in the London Winter wander raising funds for Cancer research.


Then, the next event is 

For Diabetes which is the wellness walk in Syon Park this is 10 miles so double the distance of the first two.

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The next planned walk is for Cancer research and it is the Shine event  in London and is a half marathon at night so 8 of us will all be taking part in all of the events as a team supporting eachother. We are aged from 20s to 60s so i am sure it will be fun and also good for us.

We have other things planned like race for life and will post details as and when 

Follow us and we will update as we go

We will try to update on the move if we can and add pictures along the way if possible but we need to focus on the walks at this stage but watch this space for news of our endeavours 

We are then walking the London Bridges walk for Kidney research. This is in July this should be a nice way to walk around some of the sights of London. 

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